Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The poems

The anthology that we have been studying is called Moon on the Tides. We have been looking at the relationship cluster, focusing on the following poems:

Simon Armitage: The Manhunt

  • Carol Ann Duffy: Hour

  • James Fenton: In Paris with You

  • Carol Ann Duffy: Quickdraw

  • Mimi Khalvati: Ghazal

  • Andrew Forster: Brothers

  • Grace Nichols: Praise Song for My Mother

  • Simon Armitage: Harmonium

  • William Shakespeare: Sonnet 116

  • Elizabeth Barrett Browning: Sonnet 43

  • Andrew Marvell: To His Coy Mistress

  • Charlotte Mew: The Farmer's Bride

  • Christina Georgina Rossetti: Sister Maude

  • Vernon Scannell: Nettles

  • Phillip Larkin: Born Yesterday


    If you want to view any of these poems, use BBC Bitesize, where you can find lots of super revision tools!